Tuesday, June 26, 2012

004 | Neon on the go

Hi loves! This is my outfit from yesterday evening, when I had my school party! It was really hard to find something nice in neon, especially because I went shopping with my mum and she has a really classic style, so everything was "too much". So I decided to buy this jeans. A little tricky and on my way to town people looked at me if I was crazy, because the jeans is a real, real eyecatcher. Anyways, I had an amazing time last night! What about you? Loves, Machteld
You know I said it's true, I can feel the love can you feel it too? - Rudimental

Monday, June 25, 2012

003 | Sundays

Hi there! Yesterday I wore this outfit, inspired on the "What to wear" from Styletoday.nl (click here for the WTW). The name of the outfit was "Mad World", so I decided to wear a huge oversized watch and a haircuff, I'm in love with the haircuff trend! Tonight I have a party and the theme is "NEON", so I'm going to town and see if they have a neon shirt or jeans or something. I'll show you my neon-outfit tomorrow! Have a great day, loves, Machteld.
I don't believe that anybody feels the way I do about you now - Oasis

Saturday, June 23, 2012

002 | Moodboard

MOODBOARD WEEK 26 - My moodboard for this week is inspired by the beach and nature. The main colours I'm going to wear are white, light blue, grey and accents of brown. I'm going to accessorize my looks with pearls, belts, gold, silver, light blue, scarves and diamonds. I hope you enjoy my moodboard. Loves, Machteld
Whatever it was, there's nothing now, you changed new age. - Marlon Roudette
Each week I'm making a moodboard for the "trough-the-week-days". The weekends I'm free to wear what I like. New moodboards will be published each Saturday.

001 | Champagne chique

Hello! Welcome on chique avenue, my new blog! I'm Machteld, eight-teen years old and livin' in the Netherlands. Today I'm launching this blog, so that deserves some champagne. I'm wearing a blouse by Primark and a skirt by H&M, which I bought yesterday! I hope my blog is going to be a success, but we'll see. Anyway, I hope that I can inspire you with my outfits and posts! Lots of love, Machteld